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The Transitional Justice Peace Agreements Database.  

Peace Agreement Database

This Peace Agreement Database lists over 640 documents in over 85 jurisdictions which can be termed ‘peace agreements’.  It provides information on some of the key issues addressed by the agreements, for example, ‘amnesty’ and ‘women’, and a search mechanism for searching which agreements have dealt with these issues.   The database was conceived and researched by Professor Christine Bell (TJI), Catherine O’Rourke (TJI), software and search engine developed and hosted by the INCORE web service.  The research for the database was funded by the Nuffield Foundation, and supported by the Transitional Justice Institute Support Programme for University Research funding, provided by Atlantic Philanthropies, and the Department of Education, Northern Ireland. 

The collection includes: proposed agreements not accepted by all relevant parties (but setting a framework); agreements between some but not all parties to conflicts; agreements essentially imposed after a military victory; joint declarations largely rhetorical in nature; agreed accounts of meetings between parties even where these do not create substantive obligations. In cases where a series of partial agreements were later incorporated into a single framework agreement, all of the constituent agreements are listed separately. Where specific pieces of legislation, constitutions, interim constitutions, constitutional amendments, or UN Security Council resolutions were the outcomes of peace negotiations, these are included in the database; however, where these were viewed as far removed from the peace agreement they were not included. Agreements with an asterix are agreements for which we have not yet obtained the text, and where no data has therefore yet been entered. 

Further information about the Database content and sources, can be accessed in the ‘about’ section of the above menu.

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